Welcome to Father Phillip’s website. Father Phillip is a superb preacher and teacher. On this web site you can hear sermons and lectures he has given since the late 1980s.

“Lectures” These talks are religious education on topics of interest to Catholics. Many of these are from a series called “Formation Forum” that Father Phillip conducted for University students. The others were originally given in a parish where he served as pastor. In both cases, Father Phillip says that these “Lectures” are “aimed, more or less, for somebody who is in the first year of college.”

“Hope Mills Homilies” These are sermons which Father Phillip gave while he was pastor of Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Hope Mills, NC. Adjacent to the US Army’s Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Base, these homilies were delivered to a parish made up primarily of military personnel, their families, military retirees, and support personnel.

“Newman Parish Homilies” These sermons were preached at the Newman Catholic Student Center Parish in Chapel Hill, NC, where Father Phillip was pastor for 14 years. Comprised of University faculty, graduate students, and undergrads, their families, as well as people from the surrounding community including traditional families, professionals, young adults, retired people from all over America, and many others, this parish focused on welcoming all, working for justice, and celebrating Liturgy vibrantly in a somewhat smaller milieu.

“UNC Student Mass Homilies” Newman was a “parish” in every sense of the word, but the Bishop had established it for the particular purpose of ministering to the University community though other non-University related Catholics were also welcome. The sermons included here are those which Father Phillip gave in Liturgies where the majority of the congregation was made-up of University students and/or faculty.

“Homilies After Retiring”   Since his retirement, Father Phillip has celebrated Liturgy when his health permits.  When he spends time with his family, he occasionally presides at the Dominican Monastery of the Infant Jesus or at St. Andrew Catholic Church — both in Lufkin, TX where he grew up.  These homilies were recorded when he preaches in either of these communities.